Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Last weekend there was a protest on the southside of Chicago.  Interestingly, the residents were protesting the violence in their community and much of the anger was directed at President Obama and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  Seems as though the bloom may finally be falling off the rose and the the thorny nature of our President is being exposed.

Some will claim it is due to the lax gun control, but we all know that Chicago has some of the most stringent gon control laws in the country.  Others will claim the source of the report is a conservative and therefore suspect, yet we know that this is nothing morte than a false flag effort to shoot the messenger for carrying the message.  Fact is, all of this can be traced directly back to President Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" welfare program which has encouraged generations of single parent/female head of household/absent fathers in the urban black communities.  You may not want to accept this, but it remains the truth nonetheless.


Monday, June 30, 2014


In an attempt to justify his violation of the requirement to inform Congress before undertaking any prisoner trades, President Obama and his syncopathic aides came up with numerous reasons why they were forced to undertake the trade without notification in spite of congress requiring  30 days notice and their approval.  when these feeble and spurious attempts were less than successful, Obama himself made the claim that this was an ordinary action by all past presidents at the end of wars in which America was involved.  He claimed that Washington, Lincoln and FDR had each used executive privilege to release POWs at the end of the wars in which they were president.

Well my friends, either the liberals "most brilliant man alive" is either really not very bright or he is so ignorant that he thinks the American public is so stupid that he can say anything and get away with it, no matter how false.  

As my friend Sheldon outlines below, even the president can't rewrite history when the facts don't add up.
You may recall that a few weeks ago, our illustrious president spoke of past presidents making prisoner swaps at the end of wars
that took place on their watch, much like his swap he said convincingly.  

 CNSNews.com carried this quote,  “This is what happens at the end of wars,” President Barack Obama said Tuesday when he was asked about swapping American Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban terrorists.  "That was true for George Washington, that was true for Abraham Lincoln, that was true for FDR. That’s been true of every combat situation, that at some point, you make sure that you try to get your folks back.  And that’s the right thing to do.”
While that sounds good, let's check our historical facts- 
  •     the Revolutionary War ended in 1783 and Washington did not become president until 1789. 
  •     Lincoln was assassinated in mid April, 1865 and the war didn't end until May, the month following. 
  •     As for FDR, he died of a stroke before the end of WWII. Truman was president when the war concluded.
    So there you have it, none of these presidents were in office at the ends of those wars, making it impossible for them to make any prisoner swaps.

    So much for our historically illiterate president.  You would think that someone on his staff would keep him from making these foolish blunders, but speaking half truths and telling whole lies has become his pattern of speech when it comes to the American public.

My overriding question, when will rank and file Democrats as well as those in the House and Senate call him out for his egregious abuse of the executive power and his outright lies?  My guess is never because they are afraid of being labeled as racist.  So, while America burns, Obama fiddles because he knows he has the Democratic party held hostage.